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John R. Snedden is a veteran NCIS Special Agent (Criminal Investigator, GS-1811-13), was previously named the “NCIS Special Agent of the Year” (General Crimes Specialty), is a Plank Owner of the NCIS Cold Case Squad and holds the distinction of having been one of the few Federal Agents to have been appointed and cross-designated as a Special Agent for the Office of Attorney General, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (Wiretapping and Electronic Surveillance, under then-PA Attorney General Mike Fisher). Subsequently, John was the recipient of the 2012 "Federal Sustained Superior Performance Award" as a Special Agent with the Federal Investigative Service.  

John has had extensive advanced training at the Federal, State and Local levels in cold case investigations, homicide investigations, death investigations, organized crime investigations, sexual assault investigations, child sexual abuse investigations, child abuse investigations, child pornography investigations, pedophile investigations, computer crime investigations, money laundering investigations, financial crime investigations, fraud investigations, white collar crime investigations, drug offense investigations, wire tapping and electronic surveillance, hostage negotiations and advance interview/interrogation techniques, among others. 

John has offices in two locations; State College, PA and Pittsford, NY.

John has also appeared in articles on Big Trial, Law and Crime, The Skeptic - just to name a few - and in the recently released books "In The Lions' Den" by Graham Spanier and “The Most Hated Man in America” by Mark Pendergrast.

John is also the Co-Host of the radio show "Search Warrant" on KGRA, along with a Buffalo City Police Detective a Canadian-Pacific Police Captain, Philadelphia Homicide Detective, and Investigative Reporter.  "Search Warrant" focuses on Crime, Corruption and Media Bias, which can be heard on KGRA radio, KGRA digital broadcast, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Spotify, and Spreaker on iHeart radio.


To provide Professional, Competent, Independent, detail-oriented and cost-effective investigative inquiries, with an emphasis on Cold Cases, individualized Threat Assessments and cases which have potentially been adversely impacted by, or susceptible to, prosecutorial misconduct, questionable law enforcement practices, misguided media coverage or political corruption.  If you or anyone you know has been victim of any of the above, we would like to hear from you. 


Professional, Competent, Independent, experienced, detail-oriented, discrete and cost effective investigative inquiries.  Emphasis on Cold Case evaluations/investigative inquiries and individualized threat assessments.

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